Free Youtube Layouts – How to Update and Change Your Youtube Channel

Have you ever wanted to change you Youtube channel’s look and feel? My answer would be yes. I wanted to learn how to change it many months ago but I never could figure it out. So, I decided to put together a website that featured Free Youtube layouts as well as instruction on how to update the layouts. Take a look at the video.

Youtube New Channel Changes to The Template Layout

Youtube is changing their layout templates in March. This video takes a look at the old style of adding layouts and backgrounds to your Youtube channel. But also the video touches on the new look and feel of a Youtube channel after the changes will be implemented.

Why Used WordPress Pages VS WordPress Posts

Today and I touching on a small topic of why to use a wordpress post vs a wordpress page. In the video I speak on how I structure my websites to take advantage of wordpress pages (ie. my money pages) and how I point my posts at my money pages. Thus, I am working to push up my money pages in the search results.

How to Create a Google Shopping Data feed for CS Cart

I put together a short tutorial that describes how to create a Google Datafeed using the Datafeed Plugin in CS Cart.

How to Create a Bing Shopping Datafeed Using CS Cart

I put together a little tutorial that concentrates on helping you create at Bing Shopping datafeed that you can automatically upload to bing each and every day to promote and market the products that you are trying to sell. The tool that I am using is the free datafeed plugin that comes with CS Cart. Like I said it is free and works very well. I also touch on using a cron job to update the datafeed each day at a certain time.

OIOpublisher Review – Make Money With Ads

For the past 3 months I have been trying out a new wordpress plugin called the OIOpublisher that allows you the publisher to sale banner ads, text ads, manage a affiliate program as well as set up a add server for non wordpress sites.  I have been very impressed with the results of this plugin to say the least.  But one main feature that really attracted me to this plugin was that all proceeds would go directly into my pocket.  I am talking about 100% of the proceeds.  Yes, their is no middle man used.  What also impressed me was that I could set this plugin up on all my blog and websites and not have to worry if the ad network was going to approve of the site or not.  Getting approval on a few of my sites has been a great concern, especially for sites that don’t have a very distinct following yet.

But their is one drawback from using this system.  The publisher will have to advertise.  Usually this aspect is handled by the middle man.  I can’t say that I have found an answer for this as of yet.  The only thing that I can say is to make your service a focal point on your website or blog.  In the header make sure you have a tab or menu item that say specifically that you allow for advertising.  If you have a large amount of traffic and you can attract big named advertiser give away 15 to 20 days to allow that advertiser to get acquainted with you traffic and if they are satisfied book them in for the next 30 days at regular prices.  Now lets get into some of the features.

Ad Server – Set up ads in this plugin and through java-scripting add the ad to websites that don’t have a back-end of wordpress.  What a great feature.  The javascript works just like plugin code on a wordpress blog.  That means you can drop in either a text ad and banner ads or both and sale both of these site wide for any website that you would feel would benefit from this feature.  You can also set your own price for each ad per site.

Google and the <no follow> tag.  If you afraid for Google pinging you site for selling page rank, don’t worry about that with this plugin.  You can set it up so that each link sold automatically has the <no follow> link.  You can also charge a premium to turn off this feature.

Affiliate programs – Do you have a in house affiliate program that you run.  This plugin will can take care or payments and tracking for you affiliate program also.

All of these features and plenty of other features are all automated and does not require any interaction once set up.  Just set everything up in the beginning and let it do its thing.

All payments are real time and are credited to a paypal account that is set up in the plugin in the beginning.

If you or anyone else is serious about selling text links and banner space on a website or blog then this plugin is what you need.  It is powerful enough for a small website that may only get 20 to 30 clicks a day to a blog or website that get 10,000 to 30,000 clicks a day.  It is that powerful.  Learn more about the OIOpublisher..

Make Money With Single Wide Mobile Homes For Sale By Owner

Today I did not have to much to say about making money online.  Not that I am not making any money online but I like to look at other opportunities to make money offline also.  If you have not thought about this, then I would urge you to look into other sources of income and diversify you portfolio of income opportunities.  My lastest diversification is in the area of mobile home.  Most people would not think that their is significant money to be made with mobile home.  Most people just think that they are trash and are not worth the trouble.  But I have to say that single wide mobile homes are some of the best investments out their.  And if you buy them correctly, you can make 100% to 150% or more on your investment.

Some people may say no way…  100%  on an investment.  That can’t be right.  Well, I was a little skeptical also when I stumbled onto this investment stategy, but I found that it was true.

How do you make money with single wide mobile homes for sale by owner?

First buy a book named deals on wheels by Lonnie Scruggs. I brought this book 4 years ago and turned over a $4000 dollar mobile home that made me about $7000 dollars.

After buying the book look for single wide mobile homes in your areas.  This will involve driving the local mobile home lots.  Find a single wide mobile home that is between $3000 and $5000 dollars.  Once you find a unit that you like and can get the price needed put a down payment down to hold the property and a contract for purchase for 30 days.  Lonne explains all of this in his book.  Then you want to talk with the mobile home manager to see if they will allow you to purchase the home in their park.  If you can great continue on with the deal.  If not walk away from the deal.

Once you get the deal list the mobile home in your local paper as is.  Don’t do any work to the mobile home and have the present owners to show the mobile home for you.  Once you find someone interested set up a note for that person to buy the mobile home from you on payments.  Setup the payment plan and interest and collect a down payment.  Personally, I like to get done payments that are near or the same of my purchase price.  Set the remainer up on payments and have them move in as soon as the present owners leave.  Hopefully, you can do all of this within the 30 day period before paying the present owner.  That is all to this system.  Well, their is a little more that you will need to read once you purchase the book.

Believe me this is very easy and anyone with a little effort can do this.  Google Lonnie Scruggs if you need more explaination of the system.

My Top Three European Affiliate Marketing Programs

If you have not found out yet, some of the best money to be made now is through European affiliate marketing programs.  I say this because Europeans market has not been saturated as of yet with affiliate marketers trying to make a buck.  Their are still plenty of opportunities for visionary affiliate marketers to build large sites that can attract large amounts of traffic.  But enough about that.  Lets talk about my 3 best European affiliate marketing programs.


eBay continues to surprise me with the depth of markets that they are involved in.  Did you know that they have a auction site in almost all continents and you as an affiliate marketer can build sites to incorporate eBay as a money stream.  And with all the tools that eBay provides they make it easy to put up sites that potentially can make significant money the first day of use.  Payment wise eBay has put together a very unique program that has built in bonuses and significant payout for new bidders to the eBay system.  Currently their payout looks like this:

GBP 0.00 – GBP 999.99 30.00%
GBP 1,000.00 – GBP 4,999.99 32.50%
GBP 5,000.00 – GBP 24,999.99 35.00%
GBP 25,000.00 – GBP 49,999.99 40.00%
GBP 50,000.00 – GBP 99,999.99 45.00%
GBP 100,000.00 – GBP 499,999.99 50.00%
GBP 500,000.00+ 60.00%

These are the percentages that will be received for bidders that you send to eBay for winning bids.  Of course this is in pounds so just put this into a translation program and you will see the power of this system.  As for new bidders that you send to eBay here is the break down of those payouts:

0 – 24 GBP 8.00
25 – 249 GBP 9.00
250 – 499 GBP 10.00
500+ GBP 11.00

So, for each new ACRU that you send to eBay between 1 to 24 you could receive approx. 15.85 US dollars.  And that is just on the first tier.  That makes me very excited.  That I could participate in an international market and make good money sitting here in the US.  To sign up just go to and follow their online instructions.  I will probably take a couple of days to get a response back so be a little patient.  In that time start researching some keywords or something.


Amazon has not missed out on the european action either.  They have a fully functional and decked out site that is just as powerful as their US site.  And all the tools that are accessible from the US affiliate program are also accessible to the UK affiliate program also.  Payout with this program varies.  You can with opt to have a percent per product or you can opt to participate on the tier bases were you have to produce volume to make more money.  I personally like the volume systems because you only have to get 10 products sold under your affiliate account to move up to the 2nd tier.  You start out with 4% return for anything that you sell on this program.  Their are no bonuses but amazon has a large array of products so you should be able to incorporate their affiliate program into any website that you could think of.  And if you can get the traffic up you definiatly will make some money.  To signup just go to and scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on join Join Associates.  Follow the instructions once you get their.


I just started using this affiliate network but they have a lot that you can recommend to european citizens.  And the great thing about most of the programs on neverblueads are that they free programs.  That means that you can recommend a program and just ask people to try a program free.  If people sign up you get paid.  These are called freebee programs and they have a lot of them to choose from.  Neverblueads also has a lot of other affiliate programs that could make any other site that you are thinking of starting.  Payout for these programs vary from program to program.

These are my top 3 European Affiliate Marketing Programs

Making Money Online With eBay – Finding Products to Sell on eBay

One key for business success using eBay is sourcing products to sell. The first questions eBay sellers should ask themselves are: “What can I sell?” and “Where can I buy?”

There are two kinds of sellers on eBay, garage sellers and business sellers. Garage sellers are people who sell products they are not going to use any more and that are usually not new. Garage sellers are not profit driven, their main objective is usually to get rid of some stuff they don’t need. They will be happy to make some money by selling something that is no longer useful to them. On the other hand, business sellers are people who will buy and sell products for profit, they consider eBay a business and need to earn profit on the products they sell.

The first key to success for business sellers is an old marketing rule, RESEARCH. The products you need to sell are products that eBay buyers will want to buy. Apart from being a massive market place, eBay offers you a cheap source of research that you can conduct without moving from your computer.

If you are a business seller, it is fundamental that you spend some time researching before you decide which products you want to sell. Follow these research guidelines:

1. Search for the categories that are most popular. The first index is the number of listings that exist under each category. In addition, you need to look at how many bids the products have.

2. Look at the ratings of the sellers who are listing products in each category and study their profiles. See how many products they are selling and how many products they have sold in the past.

3. Analyze prices. You need to become an expert in your category and you need to know at which price a product is worth buying as well as the expected final winning price of your auction.

4. Select no more than one or two categories. “Specialization” is another basic rule of marketing. It is better to become an expert on something, as this will inspire confidence and trust in your potential customers. Online marketing is all about trust.

For conducting good research, you need time and organization. There are different software programs in the market that can help you save time as well as optimize your research.

Now that you are becoming an eBay expert and have conducted a proper search, you are almost ready to start your business. Before starting to sell, you need to buy! Here are some ideas from where you can source products:

1. Write your own e-book and sell it. If you have any passion or are an expert on a subject for which you can find a niche in eBay, do not hesitate to spend some time on writing your own book. The advantage of this is that after your initial time investment, you can sell and sell copies of the book without having any additional costs. Selling information products is one of the most profitable businesses. Even if you are not an expert writer, you can find other people who can write the book for you.

2. Use drop-shipping. There are wholesalers that will sell you products and send them to the address that you tell them. The advantage of this source is that you do not need to carry inventories, so your investments are minimized. After your auction is finished, you send them your customers address and they will do all the shipping. If you decide to use this kind of source, you need to make sure that your auctions winning price can be higher than the price you will pay for the articles. At minimum you should expect to double your costs.

3. Buy from eBay. Many eBayers success comes from knowing how to buy well on eBay and sell the same products at a higher price. If you know your category very well, you can easily find opportunities that will allow you to buy and resell making profit. Again, solid research is fundamental.

4. Buy Asiatic products. If you are willing to carry some inventories, you can invest on Asiatic products and buy them for a very cheap price. You can easily start importing Asiatic products from the Internet at

5. Sell local products. If you live in an area that produces local products which can be bought at a cheap price and shipped to other areas where people would pay more, you should take advantage of the situation.

What To Do? Is it Easier to make one site that makes $3000 per month or 100 sites that make $30 per month?

Have you ever had those days that you just have writers block. Well, I am having one of those days. I just have not thought of anything to pass along. Even though I have ran into some very interesting information. For example, the guys over at are in the middle of a discussion as to what a newbie should do first. Create 100 sites that product $30 dollars each or one big site that produces $3000 dollars. I left my opinion on the subject with them. But, I am a little split on the subject.

Yes, I have the mindset of creating multiple sites as seen by my goals posts, but who wants to maintain 100 sites day after day. I guess if they are all making the desired money I would…

How about one $3000 dollar site. Well, it is possible. Check out How I Made $860,538.38 PROFIT in 4 Months! from Super Affiliate Zac Johnson and For Sale: Profitable Adsense Templates Business from Both of these sites are run by super affiliates. Super affilaites are affiliate marketers that make six figures or more a year. They have burst the bubble of making a great site and hitting the goal of $3000 dollars per month many times over and these are just a few examples of how it could be done.

But the websites that they created were fabulous ideas. Most newbies will not have these kind of ideas coming out of the gate. So, for a newbie to make $3000 with all of his/her eggs in one site, it is possible but very unlikly..

So which way is best? Would you make one $3000 site or 100 $39 dollar sites?

If it were me as a newbie, I would say invent one $3000 site a year and use the rest of your time on the 100 niche sites. Your eggs are not in one project and you still will accomplish the goal one way or another.